Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I love getting a package in the mail. Today I came home to my Wristlet Keychain. It is soo nice. I got excited when I found it because of 1. the owl fabric on it 2. in the spirit of Spring Cleaning I feel an urge to spruce up my keys and 3. I need a place to put my keys when I buckle Carter into his car seat! When it comes time to lean into the back of my two door Honda to fight with the stubborn buckles I always look around I guess hoping by some magic that there is someone standing there with their hand out waiting to hold my keys for me. I have dropped them under the car, lost them in the ripped seam of my jacket pocket, and only remembered that they are on the roof of my car after buckling myself in for the last time!

Beautiful packaging always makes getting something in the mail sweeter.

My keychain came with some kind of Japanese candy! I was afraid for a bit that maybe it was a special cleaning product that fizzes up when you put it in the wash when your keychain needs a bath, but Chris assured me it was candy.

I was truly surprised by how comfortable and downright well made this product is. If you are also in the need of some Spring Cleaning in the keys department check out these great handmade items.

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